May 28, 2015

Arcata arson suspect charged with arson, battery on a peace officer, criminal threats on law enforcement

This just in...this is a late arraignment.

Arcata arson suspect Jeremy Kish will be arraigned this afternoon at 3 p.m. in Courtroom 4  Kish has been charged in Count 1 with arson of the former Alliance Market in Arcata this past weekend.

Count 2 is resisting and delaying and obstructing Officer Miller while he was on duty.

Count 3 is assault on a custodial officer David Jackson.

Count 4 is battery by gassing a peace officer in the detention facility.

Count 5 is criminal threats pc 422 towards Corporal N. Corral .

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Teflon Dan Dobbs pleads out arson case, picks up new charges while this case was in jury trial

The news is not that Dan Dobbs picked up another charge. The news is that he plead out but already has new charges. He accepted the People's offer for the misdemeanor PC 422 that they had made at trial assignment.

Like Teflon, Dan has avoided anything sticking to him and resulting in prison, so far.

He has other cases pending resolution or conviction.

Arcata arson suspect Jeremy Kish allegedly under "suicide watch"

HCSO Lt. Wayne Hanson could not confirm and the jail will generally not comment on such internal matters but an anonymous source had some information from another inmate that Jeremy is allegedly under "suicide watch."

Like I said, I cannot confirm but this anonymous source is someone who would have access to people who know Jeremy.

Deal? Trial? What will the next court date for twice tried alleged child molestor Timothy Littlefield be?

Timothy Littlefield has come close to prison twice. The decision in the last trial is under appeal and so Round 3 is in limbo. There is a court hearing on June 11 for disposition and reset. I bet it will be continued.

Listed below is the link to the apellate courts and the current status of the Timothy Littlefield case.

The following explaination is based on a conversation, according to an attorney who has tried similar cases and appeals. The summary is what this attorney thinks will happen.

Status of case has been updated to Case Fully Briefed. In a few months the case will likely be set for Oral Arguments in San Francisco. Either side can waive. Usually, they don't in Criminal cases. Since Littlefield's exposure is 160+ years, it is a good guess there will be oral arguments. At the conclusion of oral arguments, the apellate court will issue an opinion within 90 days. Often it is before that deadline.  If the decision is bad for Littlefield, Littlefield can appeal until he runs out of options.

The first trial, the jurors were deadlocked 11 to 1. In the second trial, Littlefield was convicted of 11 molestation charges in 2013 with eight life sentences without possibility of parole. In 2014 Judge John Feeney declared a mistrial. The link from May 2014, the Timothy Littlefield story, I got the only interviewer from a juror who was on the same jury where another juror claimed he did not understand burden of proof.

Littlefield's attorney Mr. Russ Clanton has already said that there may be Round 3. When the previous DA administration was in charge, I had reported on a possible deal in the works.

According to a reliable source close to the case, oral arguments most likely will not happen. In such cases, this source said, the decision is usually favorable to the trial court.

Today, this is the latest development in the Littlefield case.
05/28/2015Oral argument waiver notice sent.    
05/28/2015Record to court for review.

The alleged victim was 8 years old, she has been through two trials.  Littlefield, a former manager of the Arcata Center medical marijuana dispensary, was arrested by Humboldt County sheriff's deputies in February 2009.

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May 12, 2015

Next court hearing for Timothy Littlefield set for June 11, guess round 3 is on, alleged charges include sodomy with child under 10

June 11 disposition and reset hearing in Courtroom 2.

Charges against Littlefield include sexual intercourse/sodomy with a child under 10, penetration by a foreign object, oral copulation and lewd and lasvicious act under 14 years.

Littlefield has been represented in the last two trials and in round 3 by private attorney Russ Clanton.

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May 8, 2015

"Looks like we will be going round 3 in the Littlefied case", will the third time be justice for Timothy Littlefield

If you are not familiar with the Timothy Littlefield case, you may want to click on the links below. For those following the saga, the above quote is from Littlefield's attorney Russ Clanton.

He said he looked at the apellate brief. His remarks were directed to DDA Brie Bennett who is one of the DDAs now prosecuting CAST cases. This was openly said while we were in the hallway this morning waiting for the Kailan Meserve case.

May 27, 2015

Stepping in Dorothy Ulrich's pool of blood after he killed her, Warren crime spree took more lives in less than 2 hours

See post below for defense motion being denied in Jason Warren case.

Defense motion to sever in Jason Warren case denied by Judge Cissna

Paul Mann from the Mad River Union and I were the only media at today's court hearing for Jason Warren.

Dates were not put on record. The basic gist of the defense argument was that trying the cases together would be highly prejudicial to Warren and that they did not believe the evidence was intertwined as DA suggested.

Mr. Kevin Robinson is representing Warren in the Eureka incident. On Myryle Avenue, where Warren ran over three joggers, Mr. Robinson said different law enforcement investigated the two incidents.

Hoopa murder of Dorothy Ulrich was Sheriff asisted by Hoopa tribal police and Eureka was Highway patrol.

Mr. Robinson then alluded to former DA Paul Gallegos who prosecuted the preliminary hearing and said Mr. Gallegos suggested he would use charges in one case to build the other case and that this would be highly prejudicial to his client.

DA Maggie Fleming in her summary and argument proved otherwise. Judge Cissna agreed and denied defense motion.

DA Fleming cited PC 954 about "legislative preference for one trial". She also cited law where "joinder and consolidation is mandatory."

Then, giving times and facts of both incidents, she stated that Warren standing in a "pool of blood" after he killed Dorothy Aldrich fled in her car from Hoopa where he ran over threee joggers on Mrytle Avenue and then fled the scene and hid the car. "The entire course of conduct was less than two hours."

Suzanne Seeman died at the scene. The two joggers that survived were Jessica Hunt and Terri Vroman-Little.

"I have reviewed materials and authorities and the cases are properky joined," said Judge Cissna. " To a significant degree, they are related in commission.I don't think one case is more inflammatory than the other."

DA Fleming spoke with the victims' families before and after the court hearing privately.

Judge Cissna asked attorneys to approach and did not state future dates on record. Pre trial was continued from today to June 30 at 3:30 p.m. That information was entered in system later.

Trial could be delayed due to a motion DA Fleming will be introducing.

As already reported by Kym Kemp, it is confirmed: Omholt arrested and booked

 05/26/15 at about 9:12 p.m., Officers with the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to the 3500 block of G Street after a caller reported seeing a suspicious male in his neighbor’s backyard.  The male jumped the fence and fled before officers arrived.

At about 9:31 p.m., an additional caller reported that a male jumped the fence into her backyard and her husband was chasing him.  The caller reported that the male was last seen near Madrone and H Streets and possibly went into another backyard.

While officers were on foot checking the area, an officer heard people yelling in the area of F and Willow Streets.  As the officer began to investigate the yelling, two males came crashing through a wooden gate.  One of the males was quickly identified by officers as Jason Omholt, 36 of Eureka.  The other male was the resident of the property.  Omholt attempted to flee on foot but was quickly detained.

It was determined that the resident had encountered Omholt in his yard and the two began to scuffle as the resident tried to get Omholt out of his yard.  During the scuffle the two males went through the fence.
Omholt matched the description provided by the callers and witnesses.  Omholt was not wearing any shoes and complained of ankle pain.  Omholt was transported to the hospital by ambulance for medical clearance prior to being transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Omholt was charged with violation of parole, violation of probation, committing a crime while out on bail, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, prowling, resisting arrest, two counts of malicious mischief, and assault and battery.

The Eureka Police Department thanks the residents who looked out for their neighborhood by calling in the suspicious activity, however does not recommend engaging or chasing suspects.

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